Category "Counseling & Coaching"

  • ED-CSC-105 Mental Health Technician Associate

    This Mental Health Technician Associate program provides a solid background in mental health so you can work comfortably with clients who exhibit both effective and maladaptive behaviors. This comprehensive course focuses on Mental Health and Direct Support Professional training. 
  • ED-CSC-103 Drug & Alcohol Counselor

    Our Drug & Alcohol Counselor Program will provide you with all of the information needed to work with the chemically dependent and addicted.  Drug & Alcohol counselors experience the rare chance to change people's lives. There are few accomplishments as rewarding as taking back a life seized by addiction.
  • ED-CSC-102 Drug & Alcohol Counselor Associate

    Our Drug & Alcohol Counselor Associate program is an all-inclusive training package designed for individuals who find the field of psychology fascinating and want to work in the field of drug and alcohol counseling. This comprehensive program will guide people who want to work with the chemically dependent and addicted in a variety of treatment settings.